Paolo Spinoglio



The Associazione Paolo Spinoglio was created on March, the 8, 2007 by his wife Raffaella and his children Pietro, Francesco and Marta. The aim of the Associazione is to protect, to copyright and to valorize Paolo Spinoglio’s work, propagating his ideas and his conception of art.

The Associazione helps every public and private enterprise with the same aims, making Paolo’s works available for exhibitions and lectures.
The Associazione headquarter is Via Umberto I°, 36 a Mombercelli, a little town in the Asti country side. The Associazione invites everybody interested in visiting Paolo Spinoglio’s permanent exhibition: there is a refurbished building where people can find Paolo’s works and visit his house.

The atmosphere of his life is always alive; there are photographs, drawings, drafts and gypsum. Spinoglio family is happy to give a proper and friendly accommodation. In the nearby, an old ruined castle and the wonderful countryside help to find the right aura for this artistic experience.