Paolo Spinoglio


The Artist

" The eyes burning
The tools soaked with sweat
Tired hands. What thing come out?
My truth in the drawing?
My dreams? My madness?
Only tomorrow you'll know
Today it's finished.
Tomorrow, who knows."
- Paolo Spinoglio

Paolo Spinoglio was born in Turin on 11 June 1956, the twin brother of Luigi, an astrophysicist, and the brother of Cristina, a translator.
He began learning painting and drawing techniques at a very young age from his father Tullio, a keen painter and watercolourist.  
As a child, Paolo frequented numerous museums and art galleries in Italy and abroad, as well as the studios of several painters, and was particularly influenced by post-impressionism, abstract and conceptual art.
Paolo attended the Liceo Classico D'Azeglio in Turin. At the age of fourteen, he learned drawing techniques under the guidance of Prof. Carlo Giuliano, director of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Turin.
Many drawings, paintings, photographs and works testifying to a feverish activity of experimentation belong to this period.
After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture and later Archaeology, but without significant results. As a person with a restless soul, he decided to abandon his studies and devote himself professionally to sculpture, perfecting his natural talent with the sculptor Riccardo Cordero.   From the very beginning, his plastic reflections, with a figurative imprint, found their ideal material in terracotta.
In 1989 he moved with his wife Raffaella and two sons, Pietro and Francesco (their daughter Marta was born in 1994) to Mombercelli in the province of Asti (Italy), but it was in Canelli where he worked; in his studio and workshop, among sculptures, drawings, tools and writing on the walls, his works, or rather his 'creatures' as Paolo liked to call them, were created.
The nineties, in the succession of exhibitions, commissions and the affection of collectors, represent Paolo's professional growth.  
His artistic creation and production continued unabated and dozens of sculptures came out of his workshop.  
Over the years his style has evolved towards abstraction and essentiality with the progressive elimination of descriptive details until he reaches those faces that smile without eyes.
Even in his last days Paolo never abandoned his realistic and intensely ironic, intelligent, sarcastic nature, starting with his judgement of himself...
Paolo died in Asti on 12 May 2002.

Viaggio alle origini della forma

Main Exhibitions

Turin, Promotrice delle Belle Arti, Collective Exhibition for Young Artists
Bologna, Arte Fiera, Free Art Gallery - Turin
Bologna, Arte Fiera, Free Art Gallery - Turin
Canelli (AT), Saloon Cassa di Risparmio di Asti - Personal exhibition
Vatican City, Sketch for Pope John Paul II, donated by the Municipality of Canelli
Mango (CN), Castle of the Marquis of Busca - Personal Exhibition
S. Stefano Belbo (CN), Cesare Pavese's House - Personal Exhibition
Gavi (AL), Spazio Arte Gallery - Personal exhibition
Mango (CN), Monument to the Dog
Mango (CN), Castle of the Marquises of Busca - Personal exhibition
Alba (CN), Exhibition Truffle Fair
Turin, Studio Laboratorio di Anna Virando Gallery - Personal exhibition
Rothrist (Switzerland), Gallery R. Von Arx - Personal exhibition
Mango (CN), Monument to Giuseppe Fenoglio
St. Vincent (AO), Congress Centre - Personal Exhibition
Zurich (Switzerland), Exhibition Movenpick Hotel
Mango (CN), Monument for Europe
Munich (Germany), Olympiaturm - Personal exhibition
Rivara (TO), Collective exhibition on the Crib
Turin, Studio Laboratorio Gallery - Personal exhibition
Alba (CN), Church of San Domenico - Collective exhibition
Pinerolo (TO), Losano Gallery - Collective exhibition
Mango (CN), Castle of the Marquis of Busca - Personal exhibition
Carignano (TO), Gallery Spazio 9 ex Lanificio Bona - Personal exhibition
Tigliole d'Asti (AT), Romanesque Church of San Lorenzo - Personal exhibition
Canelli (AT), C.R.Asti Exhibition of bas-reliefs "I mesi" (The months)
Canelli (AT), Luigi Bosca Centre for Culture and Art - Personal Exhibition
Turin, Davico Gallery - Collective exhibition
Nizza Monferrato (AT), "First International Biennial of Sculpture" - Collective exhibition
Mango (CN), Busca Castle "Seven Sculptors in the Langhe" - Collective exhibition
Acqui Terme (AL), Archaeological Museum, Paleologi Castle - Personal exhibition
Asti, Certosa di Valmanera - Personal exhibition
Collegno (TO), Sala delle Arti - Personal exhibition
Nizza Monferrato (AT), Centro Cultura l'Erca -Personal exhibition
Calamandrana (AT), Sculpture Theatre - Collective exhibition
Barolo (CN), Marchesi di Barolo Castle - Collective exhibition
Mango (CN), Monument to the First President of the Piedmont Region
Collegno (TO), Church of S. Lorenzo - Sculptures of St. Lorenzo and St. Pietro
S. Stefano Belbo (CN), First Prize at the Cesare Pavese National Sculpture Competition
Nizza Monferrato (AT), Gallery Tra la Terra e il Cielo - Personal exhibition
Mango (CN), Castle of the Marquises of Busca - Personal exhibition
Tigliole d'Asti (AT), "Dal Segno alla forma" - Collective exhibition
Nizza Monferrato (AT), Galleria Tra la Terra e il Cielo, "Under the burqa" - Personal exhibition
Asti, Battistero di San Pietro, "Delle ombre e dei fantasmi" - Personal exhibition
Canelli (AT), Inauguration of Enoteca Regionale di Canelli, "Arte in Enoteca".    
Bergolo (CN), "L'anima e la materia" - Personal exhibition
Acqui Terme (AL), Inauguration Movicentro - Galleria Artanda, "Silent creatures" - Personal exhibition  
Turin, Studio Laboratorio di Anna Virando, "Femminilità" - Personal exhibition
Constance (Germany), Italian Contemporary Art - Collective exhibition
Milan, Emmediarte Gallery, "Contaminazioni" - Personal exhibition
Constance (Germany), Italian Contemporary Art 2 - Collective exhibition
Mombercelli (AT), Musarmo, Civic Museum of Modern Art, "Di dolore il volto" - Collective exhibition
Mango (CN), Busca Castle, Regional Enoteca, "Dieci Anni Dopo" - Personal exhibition
Santo Stefano Belbo (CN), Emmediarte Gallery and Cesare Pavese Foundation, "Dieci Anni Dopo" - Personal exhibition
Canelli (AT), Luigi Bosca Centre for Culture and Art, "Dieci Anni Dopo" - Personal exhibition
Mombercelli (AT), Musarmo - Civic Museum of Modern Art, "Dieci Anni Dopo" - Personal exhibition
Milan, Emmediarte Gallery, "Dieci Anni Dopo" - Personal exhibition
Bra (CN), Palazzo Mathis, "Gli anni del Boom" - Collective exhibition  
Cherasco (TO), Palazzo Salmatoris, "Lo sport nell'arte" -  Collective exhibition 
Mombercelli (AT), Musarmo- Civic Museum of Modern Art - Permanent exhibition
Castellamonte (TO), "La Fornace Pagliero" Ceramic Centre, "Towards the essential" - Personal exhibition
"Paolo Spinoglio Alle origini della forma", monograph by Paolo Spinoglio, Adriano Olivieri, edited by Paola Gribaudo - Silvana Editoriale
Canelli (AT), Restaurant Enoteca of Canelli, "Sculptures and drawings" - Personal exhibition  
Finalborgo (SV), Complesso di Santa Caterina, Oratorio de' Discipinanti, "Sguardi" - Personal exhibition
Calamandrana (AT), Cantine Michele Chiarlo, "Glances" - Personal exhibition
Pallanza (VB), Villa Giulia, "The rooms of wonders", Collective exhibition
Mombercelli (AT), Musarmo Civic Museum of Modern Art, "Di dolore il volto" - Collective exhibition
Alba (CN), Villa la Favorita, "Sculptures" - Personal exhibition
Alice Bel Colle (AL), Bertalero House, "Sinapsi" - Personal exhibition
Acqui Terme (AL), Cantine Cuvage, "Big girl with necklace" -Personal exhibition
Nizza (AT), Foro Boario, "Tregiornidiarte" - Collective exhibition
Canelli (AT), Restaurant Enoteca di Canelli, "I disegni di Paolo Spinoglio" - Personal exhibition
Canelli (AT), Villa del Borgo, "Women" - Personal exhibition
Jerusalem, Jerusalem Biennal, “Voyage around my room” - Collective exhibition
Naples (NA), National Archaeological Museum ofNaples, "Playing to perfection" - Collective exhibition
Mondovì (CN), Museum of ceramics, "The lands of Paolo Spinoglio and Beppe Fenoglio's speech" - Personal exhibition
Mondovì (CN), Liber - Museum of the Press,"The lands of Paolo Spinoglio and Beppe Fenoglio's speech" - Personal exhibition